UK based furniture store DFS have just launched a new TV ad campaign featuring Petula’s original recording of COLOUR MY WORLD. Three adverts have been prepared and premiered on British prime time television today May 19th. Why not watch the ad and hear Petula’s vocals alongside a backdrop of rather nice sofas! In the run up to the new album release – this is fantastic product placement!



5 Responses

  1. That’s an excellent example of making a commercial that really works well with a song. But those “McMansion” rooms are even bigger than the ones we see on American TV!

  2. How about Universal putting a cd single out of “colour my world” say with the downtown aussie remix? (for the “Lost” fans”) would be great to get another chart single to increase the span of chart singles

  3. It was always a mystery to me as to why COLOUR MY WORLD didn’t chart in the UK.It would be excellent if it got re-released and became one of the bigger successes of PETULA’S records.It would also be a NEW hit of course so would add to her tally.
    If it was ever re-released then I hope the original ‘b’ side written by PETULA, ‘I’M BEGGING YOU’, would also be included.By all means put the Australian mix of DOWNTOWN on the CD too,but highlight COLOUR MY WORLD, It’s a real feelgood track and a great performance from the legend that is PETULA CLARK.

  4. If enough people downloaded it ,it could chart without a physical release!It was amazing how many times the ad was shown last night!It’s already the most popular Petula track on I-Tunes.(UK)

  5. Colour my world is a truly great song. It is impossible to remain seated and sit still. You just have to get up and start dancing.

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