My Love Will Never Die

In Her Own Write (features My Love Will Never Die)

Petula’s concert tour of the UK is being well received at venues. The new songs It’s OK (I Believe In You) and Heaven’s Door are obvious hits with the audiences.

A well deserved mention is the inclusion of My Love Will Never Die a song that Petula wrote (music and lyrics)  and performed originally in November 1990. Petula wrote this song in the aftermath of the closure of her musical Someone Like You as a tribute to her fans. The song has never been recorded by Petula and consequently would have become lost in the passage of time if it had not been for the 2007 version recorded for a very special celebratory CD Petula Clark: In Her Own Write issued by Sepia Records (Pictured above).

Musical theatre composer Alexander S. Bermange crafted a new musical arrangement, working from an original tape of the live 1990 concert, especially for the Sepia Records collection In Her Own Write. Amanda Jane Manning worked hard in the studio to capture Petula’s unique delivery of words and music in interpreting this wonderful composition. Amanda already had a great affinity with Petula Clark having been one of several hundred children performing We Are The World alongside Petula at 1987s Humanitarian Awards at The Royal Albert Hall, London.

The inclusion of this song in Petula’s live concerts is a great complement to the In Her Own Write collection and in particular to Amanda’s very special interpretation of this fantastic Petula composition.

The current concert version also includes a new section of lyrics and music that didn’t appear in the original 1990 version. Judging by the reactions at the first two concerts of this tour, the inclusion of this song is greatly appreciated. Bravo Petula!


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